Most important information on ticket sale of the Connichi

  • The online ticket sale starts on Sunday, 26th of January 2019 at 4 p.m.
  • The online ticket sale ends on Friday, 11th of August 2019, as long as tickets are available. Tickets are limited.
  • A special sale of 3-day tickets for Animexx e.V. members is planned again in summer. Information will follow.
  • Cancelation is possible through 11th of August 2019 (cancelation fee: 20%)
  • Paid tickets are dispatched summarized in August
  • We also have a box office on site, sale only as long as tickets are available
  • For any inquiries contact


(All prices including VAT)

Gold-ticket (Friday through Sunday):

89.00 Euro (limited on 400 tickets)

3-day ticket (Friday through Sunday):

Early Bird: 58.00 Euro (limited on 1000 tickets)
Standard price: 65.00 Euro

Friday single-day ticket:

Early Bird: 20.00 Euro (limited on 500 tickets)
Standard price: 25.00 Euro

Saturday single-day ticket:

Early Bird: 30.00 Euro (limited on 1000 tickets)
Standard price: 35.00 Euro

Sunday single-day ticket:

Early Bird: 24.00 Euro (limited on 500 tickets)
Standard price: 28.00 Euro

Members of Animexx e.V. are eligible for the following discounts on their orders:

3-day ticket and gold ticket: 5.00 Euro
To claim this discount, the buyer needs login with their Animexx login credentials, since member data is matched then.

(All prices including VAT)

We offer payment by cash or by card at the box office.

Friday single-day ticket: 30.00 Euro.

Saturday single-day ticket: 45.00 Euro.

Sunday single-day ticket: 40.00

On site, there are no multi-day tickets, single-day tickets can be purchased on the day they are valid on. The tickets are limited, sale only as long as tickets are available.

For example: the Saturday single-day ticket can only be purchased on Saturday.

For visitors who want to support the Connichi actively, we offer the gold-ticket (limited on 400 tickets) in advance. It is a 3-day ticket.

Revenues from these tickets benefit directly new program items and ideas to improve the Connichi. As a thank-you gift for your support, every gold-ticket buyer receives a small goodie bag, with a product which is exclusively made for supporters.

The goodies must be picked up in person at the Connichi info point. A photo ID has to be presented, since there is a list of gold-ticket buyers at the info point. The goodies cannot be sent by post and if not collected, your claim to it becomes invalid.

We offer a discount ticket price for persons with disabilities at the box office. As verification, a certificate of disability has to be presented. The ticket is available at the box office for the price of the first advance sale phase. The discount cannot be applied to the gold-ticket.

Visitors with a disability who are depend on a companion can take one companion at most for a discount admission of 10 Euro per event day, given that they have a note ‘B’ for companion (Begleitperson) on their certificate of disability.

These tickets are always available at the box office.

For any inquiries please contact The event location is accessible. Further information can be found directly at the Kongress Palais Kassel.

Children up to the age of 9 have free admission to Connichi. Parents can get the child-ticket at the box office. Eligible for the free child-ticket are legal guardians who have a full-value Connichi-ticket.

Children of ages 10 and up need a regular Connichi ticket.

There is no discount for parents, legal guardians, grandparents or relatives.

Please regard the Youth Protection Act.

General terms and conditions for ticket purchase at the Connichi

  • The online ticket sale starts on Sunday, 26th of January 2019 at 4 p.m.
  • The online ticket sale ends on Friday, 11th of August 2019, as long as tickets are available. Tickets are limited.
  • With access to the event the buyer authorizes the event organizer to create video footage and/or photographs of the buyer as participant of the Connichi for information, documentation and promotion purposes, as well as duplicating and publishing these in print and audiovisual media. This authorization is given without remuneration and with no restrictions regarding space and time.
  • Dispatch of all ordered Connichi-tickets takes place summarized in August. Before, as well as after that, no tickets can be dispatched. Tickets which were paid after the dispatch date can be picked up at the box office.
  • Available methods of payment are bank transfer and credit card (Master and Visa).
  • If a gold-ticket is resold/transferred, the new owner has to be reported until the 31st of August 2019 to, so that they can receive the goodie bag. Without this report, the claim to the goodie bag becomes invalid.
  • Only one ticket order per person is permitted. We check the bookings and combine orders.
  • The discount for Animexx e.V. members can only be applied once per order for each kind of ticket.
  • A maximum of 10 tickets (max. 5 of each kind) can be ordered per person.
  • Change of dispatch address is only possible due to relocation or similar reasons.
  • A transfer of ordered and paid tickets to other persons is NOT possible. We only dispatch to the buyer.
  • The advance sale for Connichi ends on 11th of August 2019. On site will be a box office with available single-day tickets, with the on-site price. An extra contingent of tickets is provided for this.
  • The order is binding as soon as the full amount has been received at the account of Animexx e.V. If the full amount has not been received within 4 weeks, the claim to the tickets becomes invalid; the date of credit entry holds.
  • Already paid and not dispatched tickets can be refunded through 30th of June 2019, with a reduction of 20% due to processing fees. In case of a bank transfer after the 4-week deadline, a processing fee of 30% is charged and retained for returned transfers.
  • Ordered tickets which have not been paid completely between 30th of June 2019 and start of the event are not dispatched and the on-site charge is added for collection at the box office.
  • Contact address for inquiries:
  • Changes are possible any time.

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