YouTuber Super Eyepatch Wolf

Connichi proudly presents Irish Anime-Youtuber Super Eyepatch Wolf!

At the end of 2015 he released his first video named »Why you Should Watch Hunter X Hunter«. Within its 50 minutes runtime he explains why »Hunter X Hunter« is so exceptional and how it has influenced him on a personal level. The mixture of objective analysis and subjective impressions immediately amazed his viewers and led to more content featuring anime and manga. In 2019, his channel boasted over 608.000 subscribers (as of may 2019). His most successful video until now, »The Fall of the Simpsons: How it happened«, gained over 4.5 million views.

In contrast to many other YouTubers, Super Eyepatch Wolf does not only cover recent anime. Instead, he produces videos about every series that had an impact on his life and which he strongly wants to recommend to his audience. Doing so, he spends a remarkably long time on detailed research to be able to deliver valuable information and expertise on each franchise. His video »The Genius of Dragon Ball« poses an insightful example of his efforts. Due to this time-consuming preparation he only uploads a new video once or twice a month. However, his fans are more than happy to wait a little longer for the high-grade content he delivers.

Featuring everything from reviews to analysis of concepts like »What Makes a Hero Feel Real« , up to historical depictions (»What Shounen Jump Was Like 30 Years Ago«), Super Eyepatch Wolf’s channel is a huge collection of varying videos. Besides anime he is also a big fan of pro wrestling and video games, which are also recurring themes of his videos. He has joined various panels on conventions in Great Britain and the States, now it is time to welcome him in Germany!

At Connichi 2019 Super Eyepatch Wolf will be available for signing sessions and panels, to give you an insight on the life as an »Ani-Tuber«. Get your ticket now to meet Super EyePatch Wolf at Connichi 2019!


Super Eyepatch Wolf online:

YouTube: Super Eyepatch Wolf

Twitch: supereyepatchwolf

Twitter: @EyePatchWolf

Instagram:  @super_eyepatch_wolf

Let’s Fight a Boss Podcast :

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