Cosplayer December Wynn

December Wynn is a Colorado-based cosplayer who enjoys cosplay as an expression of crafts artisanship. December is dedicated to a high degree of craftsmanship within in her work and seeks out cosplay projects that will challenge her skillsets. Her main areas of emphasis are in textiles, and her most refined skills are in silk-painting, dyeing, applique, leatherwork, draping and patterning.

December’s crafting method emphasizes quality and control over all steps of the making process. She prefers to work with raw materials, such as raw and un-dyed silks, leather spits and soft woods. She also drapes and drafts nearly all of her sewing patterns. A cosplayer since 2011, December has enjoyed giving many cosplay panels at conventions in Colorado, and has won over 15 craftsmanship awards at cosplay competitions across the United States.

She loves sharing her knowledge and her experiences during panels and workshops and will be available for signing sessions, panels and workshops at Connichi 2019.

December Wynn online:

Twitter: @decemberwynn

Facebook: @decembercosplays

Instagram: @december_wynn