Cosplayer Astarohime

Astarohime is known for her love for details and her wide range of different costumes. She started cosplay 12 years ago and today is one of the most recognized) cosplayers from Moscow, Russia Her costume of Esther Blanchett Cosplay from »Trinity Blood« gained worldwide attention: thousands of pearls, many meters of lace and her perfectionism are evident in this costume. Her passion can be seen through all of her works.

Her focus is on filigree and clean needlework and lavish dresses. Her love for detail is unrivaled and she carefully selects her fabrics and sewing patterns. But it’s not all about gowns: ranging from glittering figure skating costumes from »Yuri on Ice« and outfits from »Card Captor-Sakura« Astarohime proves that cosplay is more than just easy handicraft.

Rhinestones, lace and pearls are as important for her costumes as make-up and elaborate photo shootings.

In recent years she became a role model for cosplayers all over the world. She succesfully participated in more than 50 national and international cosplay competitions.  She also participated as guest and jury member at conventions in Barcelona (Spain), Manila (Philippines) or Houston (USA).  At Connichi 2019 you can meet Astarohime at signing sessions, panels and workshops.

Astarohime Online:

Twitter: @astarohime

Facebook: @astarohime.koyu

Instagram: @astarohime

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