Welcome to Connichi 2018!

We are Germany's biggest non-profit event for Japanese popculture. Our volunteer staff is made up of dedicated fans of anime and manga and connoisseurs of Japanese culture. Together we aim to bring Japan and Germany closer together. At Connichi you will be able to meet manga artists and animation industry veterans, enjoy band performances, cosplay-theatre troupes, internationally acclaimed competitions and many more "Things Japanese".


Opening Hours


Friday: 14:00 - 00:30 
Saturday: 10:00 - 00:30 
Sunday: 10:00 - 18:00 

Box Office

Friday: 12:00 - 20:00
Saturday: 09:00 - 20:00
Sunday: 09:00 - 14:00 


Friday: 14:00 - 18:00
Saturday: 10:00 - 18:00
Sunday: 10:00 - 17:30 


The Connichi takes place annually in the Kongress Palace Kassel since 2003.

Kassel is located in the very heart of Germany and can be reached easily by public transportation from all directions. The ICE station and the main station are each less than a kilometer away from the Kongress Palais Kassel.

Address of the Location:
Kongress Palais Kassel - Stadthalle
Holger-Börner-Platz 1
34119 Kassel

Ticket Sale

Advance sale for 2018 has started and tickets can be ordere now at our ticket sale page. 

All tickets that include Saturday (3-day and 2-day tickets) are sold out and not availible online anymore. 

You will also be able to buy a ticket for all three days at our box office as long as supply lasts.

Please note that we charge 1 additional Euro for every order for shipping costs.

  • Gold Ticket: 3-day ticket (Friday-Sunday): 84,00 Euro
  • 3-day ticket (Friday-Sunday):
    until February 26th 2018: 52,00 Euro,
    until August 6th 2018: 61,00 Euro.
  • Single day ticket for Friday or Sunday:
    until February 26th 2018: 24,00 Euro,
    until August 6th 2018: 29,00 Euro.
  • Single day ticket for Saturday:
    until February 26th 2018: 32,00 Euro,
    until August 6th 2018: 38,00 Euro.
  • Two-day tickets for Saturday/Sunday:
    until February 26th 2018: 40,00 Euro,
    until August 6th 2018: 47,00 Euro

(all prices including VAT) 

Box Office Ticket Prices:

  • Single Day Ticket for Friday or Sunday: 35,00 Euro.
  • Single Day Ticket for Saturday: 45,00 Euro.

(all prices including VAT)

We do not sell multi-day tickets at our box office. Tickets can only be purchased on the same day they are valid on. 

For example: A Single Day Ticket for Saturday can only be purchased on saturday. 

Box office may run out of tickets on our most frequented day (usually saturday). We advise you to show up early. 

Members of Animexx e.V. are eligible for a discount of 1 Euro at the box office. 

For further information please contact us at ticket@connichi.de 

Program Digest 2018

In the coming weeks and months we will publish here the latest news available about the Connichi. Be surprised, when we present interesting information to you regarding special guests and the general program.  


Every year we welcome special guests from Japan and other countries. Voice actors, manga artists, directors and animators or japanese artists contributed to our program every year. Our guests will usually hold panels, give autographs or perform on stage. Apart from very few exceptions all fees are included in your convention ticket.

Anime producer Nao Hirasawa will be attending Connichi 2018. 


As a long-term favorite of our visitors, the japanese sword action group Karasu will visit us again with a brand new performance and some workshops.


This year's cosplay guest will be Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplay from Boston, USA. 


(c)  Sara Lynn Photography


German conventions are known for it's volunteer showacts. Fans and professionals alike are sharing our stage and present you musicals, stage plays and vocal performances. We are happy to announce the following showacts this year.


  • to be announced

Cosplay Competitions

Like every year, you will get the chance to present your cosplay on our big stage.  More information on rules and registration will be published here at a later date.


Participants of the Connichi Cosplay Contest 2016

Market Places

We offere several places to look for your favorite merchandise at our convention. There are two areas for conventional merchants, our manga markt with fan artists who sell their own comics and creative items, the lolita and design market for beautiful dresses and accessoires and of course the famous bring & buy, where you can look for gems that are no longer availible on the market.


Side Program

There are dozens of activities to enjoy at Connichi. If you like to have some physical interaction with your games, how about learning the ancient game of Go from our experts? If you are more into cards, try the newest trading card games from Japan. Always hungry? The record for our noodle-slurping contest is now 7 years old. Break it! Our karaoke room is back, as is our room for video games. Come and try beating other visitor's in our intense video game battles! We also invite you to participate at our poetry slam (registration required), our auction and the yearly otaku quiz. At our matsuri festival you will experience Japanese culture and fireworks on friday and saturday evening. At Connichi Couch we will hold regular talks that will be streamed online. Please note that only a few of our panels and workshops are in english and this will be indicated in the timetable.


For further questions please contact us anytime at info@connichi.de