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16th to 18th September 2016 · Stadthalle Kassel
The manga & anime convention by Animexx e.V.

Animexx e.V.

Anime quiz

The dodgy quiz for 4-men teams at which no-one ever has yet achieved the full score. Whether probably smart Anime-fans succeeds in this year for the first time answering all questions correctly?

Cosplay contest

Whether solo or together - in our cosplay contest cosplayers have the chance to shine  with a great costume or an outstanding performance.

Go tournament

The Go tournament will take place as usual on Sunday noon. The game is played in two groups, the novice group and the advanced group. In the novice group, only participants are allowed who have learned Go during the Connichi! In both groups there is to win each of a high quality Go set and a bunch of consolation prizes also will be raffled among all participants.

Noodle slurping contest

The cult contest of the Connichi!
It applies again, to polish off a portion of Instant Ramen from Nissin in the shortest possible time!

Video contests

You own video camera, editing software, music and a lot of creativity? Then you're in the right place with the video contests!

Once again you've the possibility to create an AMV using music and anime or to create a short film with cosplayers.

Whether you are playing on consoles, computers or handhelds, whether you use pre-rendered in-game-scenes or something you played yourself. Be creative and show us your skills.

AMV Contest

Cosplayvideo Contest

WCS - World Cosplay Summit

The World Cosplay Summit is one of the world's most famous cosplay contests. Hosted in Nagoya - Japan, where 20 countries from all over the globe are competing on a huge stage.
Enjoy the german preliminary selections on Sunday at the main stage.
For more Informations visit wcs-germany.de

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  • Connichi @ Twitter
  • NEBEL_NEKO: @Connichi Hab gelesen, dass es selbst gemacht sein soll, war mir deshalb nicht sicher :o
    CONNICHI: @Nebel_Neko Ja, natürlich. Warum sollten die nicht erlaubt sein?
    NEBEL_NEKO: @Connichi sind beim Cosplay Wettbewerb Linsen und Perücken erlaubt? :)
    SAJALYN: @Sky13129 took some pictures of my Alice #cosplay at @Connichi back in #september I love the… https://t.co/upS7jMluhS
    AKIBAPASS: peppermint gaming @Connichi 2016 - #FinalFantasyX #02 https://t.co/CpXwFXFabz
    KAZENARY: ≪ If I could just say, "I'm happy" ≫ — #Wishing #Rem 💙 @kazenary ― 📷 @b1nh Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活 #ReZero #ReZeroRem… https://t.co/0sAmMUk7RU
    CONNICHI: @oboeteteiiyo klar, danke 😊
    CONNICHI: RT @Zyan_Kaalii: I love my @Connichi Ticket collection ^^ https://t.co/KgfGnt1tl1
    CONNICHI: @Tarcil @Kotomi_de ja, die gelten nur immer für eine Connichi :)
    CONNICHI: @StarSuicune @Malefizschenk @Kotomi_de Danke für euer Feedback. :) Wir nehmen das in unsere Gespräche mit auf.