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16th to 18th September 2016 · Stadthalle Kassel
The manga & anime convention by Animexx e.V.

Animexx e.V.

As of today, all Saturday tickets in our online store are sold out. Only our Saturday box office will hold a few more tickets for our most popular of Connichi days.

There are still tickets available for Friday and Sunday until 1st August 2016 when we close our online store. After that, only the box office at the venue will hold a couple more single-day tickets at revised prices.

Any tickets ordered and paid for by 1 August 2016 will be send out by postal service around end-August.

The litte phoenix Pochi is our beloved mascot since 2006 and we are happy to announce that from today on you can purchase Pochi stickers at the Line Messanger Store.

For just 0,89 € you can download 40 Pochi stickers designed by Racami. Have fun texting with Pochi!

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  • Connichi @ Twitter
  • HIMMELSBLAU_ORG: Ich möchte grad am Liebsten alle mit den @Connichi Shooting Fotos belästigen - kann mich aber grad noch beherrschen :D
    CONNICHI: @Nebel_Neko Genau, aber wie willst du denn z.B. Kontaktlinsen selber herstellen? Es geht hier vor allem um das Kostüm (= Kleidung) ^^
    HASIANN4I: Haikyuu Shooting KageyamaxHinata - Making Of https://t.co/eUCOL5n4vZ via @YouTube @Connichi
    THEPIPPARAZZI: Group picture of the amazing #MonsterHunter group on the @Connichi #cosplay #cosplaygerman #cosplaymodel… https://t.co/dn5FIZpTUe
    NEBEL_NEKO: @Connichi Hab gelesen, dass es selbst gemacht sein soll, war mir deshalb nicht sicher :o
    CONNICHI: @Nebel_Neko Ja, natürlich. Warum sollten die nicht erlaubt sein?
    NEBEL_NEKO: @Connichi sind beim Cosplay Wettbewerb Linsen und Perücken erlaubt? :)
    CONNICHI: @oboeteteiiyo klar, danke 😊
    CONNICHI: RT @Zyan_Kaalii: I love my @Connichi Ticket collection ^^ https://t.co/KgfGnt1tl1
    CONNICHI: @Tarcil @Kotomi_de ja, die gelten nur immer für eine Connichi :)