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18th to 20th September 2015 · Stadthalle Kassel
The manga & anime convention by Animexx e.V.

Animexx e.V.

Singer atsuko and guitarist KATSU know as angela will be the main act at this years Connichi!

With hits such as "Shangri-La" and several albums in the Oricon Top Ten we are honoured to announce the apperance of angela at the Connichi.

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Mark the 6th January 2014 in your diary - the beginning of the ticket sale for Connichi 2015 at the Congress Palais Kassel - THE place to be!

As always, we will make sure there won’t be any chance for boredom. You can expect a great programme, lots of dealers and exhibitors, a big games room, workshops, panel discussions, special guests, anime showings , show acts, concerts, our very own Doujinshi market, the manga library, TCG and RPG areas and an intriguing case for Inspector Pochi, in which you can get involved and help catching the thieves.

We are pleased to announce that the ticket price remains stable and online bookings will be possible until the 3th of August 2015. For more information and ticket prices please refer to our ticket page.

We wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The litte phoenix Pochi is our beloved mascot since 2006 and we are happy to announce that from today on you can purchase Pochi stickers at the Line Messanger Store.

For just 0,89 € you can download 40 Pochi stickers designed by Racami. Have fun texting with Pochi!

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  • Connichi @ Twitter
  • KAMACHENCHAN: @ninotakutv Bist du eigentlich auf der @Connichi ?
    NATHALIEYAMANA: @Miuumitsu @Connichi GROSSER GOTT!!!!!! 0_0
    CONNICHI: Seit 2003 erscheinen regelmäßig Artikel sowohl in Zeitschriften, als auch online über die Connichi. Über die... http://t.co/Ih73DAMoUA
    KAWAIIKUMOMO: An alle @Connichi-Ticketbesteller: Adressänderungen wegen Umzug nur noch bis zum 3.8. möglich! https://t.co/o75Zuh2hDj
    CONNICHI: An alle Ticketbesteller: Denkt daran, dass Adressänderungen nur noch bis zum 03.08. über ticket@connichi.de... http://t.co/9M2uLBiwMj
    CONNICHI: Nicht nur die Connichi Orga ist mitten in der Planung, auch die Showgruppen und Einzelkünstler, die in diesem... http://t.co/n8QJuRRixW
    CONNICHI: Animator, Illustrator und Hobbykoch Kazuhiro Soeat in diesem Jahr als Ehrengast auf der Connichi! http://t.co/cNwJb19u5N
    CONNICHI: Noch bis zum Sonntag, dem 19.Juli 2015 (23:59 Uhr) könnt ihr eure Bewerbungen für den World Cosplay Summit... http://t.co/WMiIVUfGJe